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Within popular culture grey can often be shorthand for the mundane – neither one thing or another. Yet when considering interior design and how it translates to your own home, grey has proven itself time and time again to be one of the strongest and most versatile options available. Coming in an array of hues and textures, I love combing grey with the classic combinations of black and white throughout the home – complimenting and enhancing any colour combination you put with it.  However as with most things you can have too much of a good thing and its all too easy to use these tones repeatedly; leaving everything throughout the home looking overly muted and (dare we say) a little drab…  For us as a family, it’s so important that each room has a personality of its own, with the choice of complimentary colours ensuring it meets its needs. As you can see from our living room below, the decor very much exposes my ongoing obsession with greys and blacks and I am looking to balance out that side of the room with a colourful piece of art work on the opposite wall. Something brimming with bright colours such as pink and yellow will create an exciting and cheerful juxtaposition.




It’s now six months since we welcomed our gorgeous son Archie into the world and I’m desperate to do something creative.  Trying to decorate a whole house with a little bambino in the mix means we don’t have a huge amount to spend on budget-busting piece of art so (gulp) I’ve decided to create my own.  Kill two birds etc. And whilst I doubt I’ll be troubling St Martin College’s class of 14, I can’t wait to give it a go.

Below is a small selection of art I’ve picked out to help create a mood board for inspiration and whilst my current focus is the living room wall, this will help form ideas for the rest of the house…  But let’s see how I get on with this project first though. Wish me luck!


c88e4b88e92f2318af6ee347c52e425fAmanda Rodriguez




7c89f3d86954dc64039bfebbecc9e586Michelle Armas



c0d3e74ff9e7c2aeccff8e08378f2a42Adam McEwen


91b16bfafd3e27e99c839fa468b51b49Zin Taylor


e64d7bb08c719c82cd66f71b77260ae7Karin Johannesson

e401b0e173bcadbaa99961690b9e0465Katherine Kehoe

guideyouAllie Snyder


2a14a06e2aa3e97485149ee798f0f916Natural Curiosities


3a91686321a505d1b4c746e3488f274bEmily Gherard


0961cc082f0bb906817243523c62c5adPencilbox Shop

DIY Geometric Ornaments

29 Aug Header

I’m sure we all love the wonderful crafty ideas that we find on Pinterest but if you’re like me, that’s what they stay as – just ideas.  So when I came across these wonderful DIY Geometric Ornaments a few months ago they looked so effective and easy to do, I knew I had to have them to sell on Magpie Miller. And I was right, they’re fast becoming a best seller! They’re also proving very popular with the magazines having already been featured in GoodHomes magazine amongst others. Yesterday, I was very excitedly asked to send them to a very popular lifestyle magazine for a Christmas shoot and I spent some time last night putting them together ready to send off so I thought I’d put a little guide up of how to do it and to show just how easy they are to assemble!



  • 1 Glue stick (I used Pritt Stick Power)
  • Sofa
  • Episode of Real Housewives of Miami on record (shhh! This is our little secret)



Et Voila!


Ooo – We sell them in a Brights Palett too!


Bright and bonny nursery ideas

19 Aug BrightBonnyHeader

Now we’ve found out that we’re having a little boy my mind has been racing with interior ideas for the nursery. Before we found out I knew one thing for sure; if it was a girl, I wouldn’t want to subject our child to the pink gender stereotypes just yet (hellooo feminism!).  The same can definitely be said for a boy.  I can’t seem go into a baby shop without having to look at a billion boat motifs. To be honest it’s just quite lazy as an industry plus it’s simply not my taste.  As a baby I wore lots of yellow.  Back in those dinosaur days my parents weren’t able to conclusively find out my gender so people bought lots of lemon, beige and white on the run up to my birth.  Looking back these are lovely colours and I think I’m going to go for something relatively gender neutral with dashes of colour here and there for some visual stimulation.  I’m definitely not going to be afraid to dress him in peach, yellow, blue, black… whatever, and as such I think that the nursery should reflect this (and to get the baby loving colour, of course!).  As the house is predominantly grey and white these will form the base colours for the room. So now it’s time to inject some colour – with mint, yellow and splashes of neon and purples my current thinking, it’s all a case of making his environment full of exciting colours.  BAM!



This bright room is simply stunning!  It’s so great to see so much colour and thanks to the use of bold patterns it really makes this room look like a lot of fun to live in. I’m also stealing the shelving and flag ideas!


RainClouds01Image 1 Image 2

RainClouds02Image 1 Image 2

Rain clouds don’t always have to be so miserable. Whether done softly or boldly, I think they make such a sweet feature in the rooms above.


Neutral01Image 1 Image 2

Neutral02Image 1 Image 2

I really love the calming effect that these rooms have. They’re definitely going to be a huge inspiration to the nursery but I’m not sure our budget will stretch to the Mint Eames chair or the Oeuf chest of drawers (insert sad face here) but I’m going to bring a touch of mint to the room by painting some furniture. See my previous post on this.



Ok, so this may be more for me than the little one but seriously, who wouldn’t want this Miffy lamp?!

My Minty Moment

12 Aug MyMintyMoment

I’m definitely having a minty moment! I always find it interesting what trends appear on my boards when I’m pinning on Pinterest as I only collect images that really catch my eye and sum up my mood.  When looking back over my recent pins I realised that mint just keeps cropping up – as if there is no escape from its soft yet masculine tones!  My new-found love seems to popping up everywhere – in both fashion and interiors, with style gurus, Will from Bright Bazaar and Caroline Taylor from 91 Magazine in on the crush too. It’s as if a collective minty haze has hit us all at the same time!  I think the best bit about this colour is its versatility and its ability to adapt as a colour to its environment – making it the perfect companion for most colours. Here is some minty goodness for you to feast your eyes upon!



Design Seeds


MintCombos04Image 1 Image 2



MintCombos02Image 1 Image 2



Image 1 Image 2

Are you in on the minty moment too?

Magpie Miller is featured in Mollie Makes magazine!

19 Jul

Apologies for a little bit of tooting my own horn here but I’ve been completely overwhelmed by all of the press coverage that Magpie Miller has received over the past year. It makes me so proud to see all of our beautiful products featured in such amazing publications. So when I was asked to be featured in the latest addition of Mollie Makes magazine with a little bit about me you can imagine I was absolutely over the moon! Mollie Makes is such a beautifully put together magazine full of fabulous crafting ideas, gorgeous interiors and back stories of wonderful designers.  Having only been established a few years ago it’s already won a string of awards along the way.  Mollie Makes has also redefined the way we look at crafting, gained a massive cult following and packs a visual punch that the industry had been so lacking in.  To say I was honoured to have been featured is an understatement!




My Perfect Summer’s Evening Meal

7 Jun Header

After months upon months of freezing cold weather I can finally say, phew, the sun is here!  And what a bloody long slog that was! One of the best things about summer, in my eyes, is the food.  Not that I’m obsessed with food you hear.  Maybe I am slightly…  Ok, if my Facebook and Pinterest pages are anything to go by, maybe a lot!  But there is just something so satisfying about eating yummy food underneath the warm rays and I love planning what we’re going to be having for dinner to celebrate the sun over the weekends.  With this in mind I’ve put together some key dishes that I thought would work perfectly together.  I’ve already tried the Moroccan Wedges and Coriander Lime Chicken which are both to die for  – I can’t wait to try the rest out!


SummerFoodSweet Paul Magazine


moroccan-roast-potatoes-smallThe Food Fox


5fac6917e548b74f78780ae5e6c96eb1Veronica Loves Archie


Cilantro-Lime-Marinated-Chicken-Skewers-PTRPicture The Recipe

And of course this is just the perfect way to top off an amazing summer meal!


fresh-pineapple-margaritas-5Gimme Some Oven

What’s cooking in your kitchen this weekend?

Clean and Crisp Kitchens

21 May CleanCrispKitchen

We’re about to move into our new house and I’m VERY much looking forward to having a brand new kitchen (so excited, in fact, that I do a little dance when I think about it… TMI). After giving the kitchen cupboards in our old house a lick of paint to freshen it up, having a new kitchen has been on my priority list for a while now – #1stworldproblems and all that. So we’ve decided on plain white glossy cupboards with a pure white quartz surface. Nice fresh, clean and simple!  Now all we need to decide on is flooring, tiles and paint colour. Not much then…

Keeping It Fresh

Fresh & Crisp

I’m so in love with the simplicity of this kitchen!  The clean and crisp work surfaces work so well against the contrasting dark floor and just lifts it to ensure it looks like a kitchen rather than a clinic.


As much as I love keeping up to date with the latest interior fashion trends I want to make sure I pick tiles that have a slight edgyness about them but that will also stand the test of time.  Subway tiles are very en vogue at the moment but I really think I’ll get fed up with them after a while as they are EVERYWHERE!  So instead I’m looking for some geometric tiles (hexagons are a great option) or maybe tiling conventional tiles in different patterns to create a unique effect.


Black Feature Wall

I really couldn’t bring myself to say the words ‘Feature Wall’ when talking about adding a bit of colour to a small wall in the kitchen. Call me a snob (I’m a snob) but it has horrible connotations of 60 Minute Make Over where every room is resigned to having one ‘funky feature wall’. Aaaargh! I digress.  Having a very white kitchen can leave it feeling a little stark and whilst having a darker floor as I discussed earlier can lift the room it would be really nice for one of the walls to ‘pop’.  Using black or a very dark grey is a great way to contrast the white plus it’s a great way to show off your porcelain.


And after all that decorating the overall look and feel of a room is always in the detail! It’s the little things that tend to bring the whole look together as well as being a reflection of who you are.  As much as I love a bit of crisp clean white, ultimately it’s got to have some personality in there too!

You can find all of these images plus more kitchen inspiration on my Pinterest board. Enjoy!

Behind The Scenes : Magpie Miller Photo Shoot

25 Apr Magpie Miller Photo Shoot : Behind The Scenes

It was so interesting being on my first photo shoot that I thought I’d share some behind the scenes pics of the Magpie Miller shoot to show some elements that go into a day of shooting.  I hope you enjoy!

Magpie Miller Photo Shoot : Behind The Scenes

Magpie Miller Photo Shoot : Behind The Scenes

Magpie Miller Photo Shoot : Behind The Scenes

Magpie Miller Photo Shoot : Behind The Scenes

Magpie Miller Photo Shoot : Behind The Scenes

Magpie Miller Photo Shoot : Behind The Scenes

Magpie Miller Photo Shoot : Behind The Scenes  Magpie Miller Photo Shoot : Behind The Scenes

Magpie Miller Photo Shoot

24 Apr MagpieMillerPhotoShootHeader

I’m absolutely delighted and extremely proud to bring you the very first Magpie Miller photo shoot!  I was so lucky to get super-duper interior stylist Charlotte Love on board, having fell in love with her work when I discovered a test shoot she worked on last year.  Charlotte is an extremely talented individual and an absolute dream to work with – I was so sad when the whole experience ended!  The icing on the cake was getting the brilliant interiors’ photographer Jon Day on board too.  Double win!  With Jon’s perfect shot and Charlotte’s expert eye, the past few months of hard work culminated in a set of absolutely stunning photos.


Magpie Miller Shot 1


Magpie Miller Shot 2


Magpie Miller Shot 3

Magpie Miller Shot 4

Magpie Miller Shot 5

Magpie Miller Shot 6

Magpie Miller Shot 7

Graphic Design Spotlight: Laura Jackson

13 Mar LauraJackson

I absolutely love visiting university degree shows and it’s something I commit to every year in order to see what up and coming talent there is.  From the very beginning of Magpie Miller I’ve always been passionate about supporting graduate design and thought it would be a great idea to extend this by getting graduates involved in the Magpie Miller brand.  Working with graduates means that the website always has a fresh look whilst reflecting the ethos of working with independent and graduate designers.  Last October I was lucky enough to come across Laura Jackson from Manchester Metropolitan University which, in my opinion, has one of the best Graphic Design courses in the UK.  Laura is super talented and has a passion for clean and elegant contemporary designs which twist the traditional and deploy gorgeous, well considered typography.  I’m so lucky to have Laura on board and she’s been such a fantastic asset to Magpie Miller!  I thought I’d post some of her personal work as well as briefs that she has executed on for our website.  Enjoy!







MM_January Sale_Banner_01-01

MM_General Sale_Banner_03

*All work is copyright of Laura Jackson and Magpie Miller