Going Dotty!

4 Dec


Patrick Norguet                                              Joanna Henderson

This month I’ve been going dotty over dots! There’s just something about their charming little round edges that really catches the eye and reinforces the space in which you apply them.  From producing a subtle effect with natural tones or creating a bold statement using a colour such as Emerald Green (see above) with some geometric shapes and animal print thrown in the mix, they are a style choice that is both arresting and understated!

I’ve been Pinning polka dots like mad recently.  Pinterest has been an addiction since I joined it over a year ago but since buying a new house that we move into next Spring, I’ve doubled my efforts and my Pinaddiction is, in the words of Rachel Zoe, OOC!  Having all these new rooms to decorate makes me jump for joy and I know dots will be featuring somewhere on the walls of the house as it fits in with the sudo-scandi look (I just made that term up) that I’d love to achieve for our home.  I won’t be constraining polka dots just to the walls though.  No, no. They will also be featuring on accessories too; just like these yummy examples below.


 FellowFellow  Etsy

I’m even going dotty with this cute Spotty Butter Dish on Magpie Miller!


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